There are no shortcuts.  You will be competing against more than 8 lakh other applicants.  The UPSC Exams require a candidate to put in 9 to 10 hours of learning and effort – daily.  There is no alternative.

The Exams are designed to test your analytical skills not your memory.  The exam is also intended to assess the all round general awareness/knowledge of the candidate.  With all that in mind Game Changer has a few simple suggestions that are really handy in your preparations. 

  • Make yourself familiar with details of the UPSC exam pattern.
  • Analysis and research of past papers will not offer clues to possible questions.
  • Remember candidates need a minimum of 33% marks in the CSAT to qualify for the Mains exam.
  • You should start your preparations at least a year prior to appearing for the exam.
  • Be very clear about your exam objectives.
  • You must develop the habit of reading newspapers and magazines in order to keep abreast of current events.
  • At first reading, the syllabus will look vast and impossible to absorb.  Do not be afraid. 
  • You do not need to be an expert on every subject or topic.
  • What is essential is being well-read, able to evaluate issues (both sides), logical reasoning, all the while keeping a balanced viewpoint.
  • You should build clarity and an unbiased perspective.
  • Cultivate a strong practice of taking notes.
    • This serves three purposes.  First – it helps you remember things better.
    • Second – It will improve your ability to write and clearly express yourself while under time pressure in the exam hall.
    • Third, it will be invaluable in your career as a Civil Services Officer. 

In this digital era of immense amounts of knowledge available online, it is incredibly easy getting information and data.  However, there are some aspects to cracking the UPSC exam that can only come from first-hand experience.

It is in this space that Game Changer can play a vital role in helping aspirants to work out a successful strategy.  One that works well for you.

We have several decorated senior Civil Service Officers (serving and retired) in our faculty.  They are an incredible resource to have.  You can draw upon their knowledge and first-hand experience to help you clear the exam.