India rank 1st in organic farming,

  • Sikkim was the first state in the world to become completely organic
  • India ranks 9th in the term of areas under organic farming
  • Like Sikkim states like Uttrakhand & Tripura also have similar targets

Israel UAE peace pact

  • it is also called Abrahim record
  • Israel is a third Arab country after Egypt and Jordan to sign the peace agreement
  • The name Abraham has been provided to honor three major religion Judaism Christianity and Islam
  • the deal has stopped Israel annexation of West Bank
  • the west bank is sandwiched between Israel and Jordan
  • Israel and UK equal sign agreement in coming weeks on direct flight telecommunications tourism energy security and Healthcare

PM Modi launches optic fiber link connecting Lakshadweep Island and the mainland

  • the undersea Optical fiber cable link to be established between Lakshadweep and the mail and its second in the country
  • the first of its kind was established between Chennai and Port Blair
  • it will boost communication between India Lakshadweep
  • the department of Telecommunication is to implement the project
  • also, it will boost 4G mobile services and Digital Services such as Education, Tourism, and health in the Island

Arunachal Pradesh Government forms panel to discuss autonomous region in the state

  • the region under the autonomous Council of Arunachal Pradesh is currently under the fifth schedule of the Indian Constitution
  • this doesn’t provide special rights for the indigenous communities as that of 6 schedules of Indian Constitution
  • doctor council in the states are demanding to include Arunachal 126 scheduled to make a launcher is the owner of natural resources rather than being the protector

National Digital Health Mission launched

  • under this mission, every Indian will get a health ID card
  • the ID card will contain all the relevant information about the persons past medical condition treatment and diagnosis
  • the mission is completely Technology-based
  • the mission aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of healthcare in India it is to operate under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana or Ayushman Bharat

Central Water Commission and Google launched flood forecasting initiative

  • under this initiative, numerous alerts can be sent to the public regarding flood situation in the region
  • also, people can learn about the current water level in the flood-affected region in the country


  • This monsoon has brought long flood situation in many states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Assam the water level has risen in the region near water bodies Putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk

Amrut scheme ranking Odisha continues to be the top performer

  • AMRUT—Atal mission for rejuvenation and urban transformation scheme the scheme aims to provide pipe water supply to household in urban areas of the state
  • it also in site construction of sewage treatment plants and improving green spaces in the cities
  • the mission was launched in 2015 by PM Modi
  • the mission mainly focuses on following water supply stormwater drainage to reduce flooding sea bridge increasing green spaces in this week’s non-motorized urban transport