India to setup its own Cotton Warehouse in Vietnam to boost Exports

Daily News Update 28th July 2020

India to setup its own Cotton Warehouse in Vietnam to boost Exports

The Cotton Corporation of India is holding surplus stocks of cotton. With the next harvest season
approaching, the CCI is trying to boost exports.

To export the current stocks, India will sign Memorandum of Understanding with Bangladesh to export
1.5 to 2 million bales of cotton. One bale is 170 kilo grams. Also, the CCI will set up its own warehouse in Vietnam to boost cotton exports.

The CCI has so far procured 12.1 million bales of cotton. Along with its agent Maharashtra State
Cooperative Marketing Federation, CCI was able to sell 900,000 bales of cotton this season.

Only Bangladesh and Vietnam
India has chosen Bangladesh and Vietnam as they have duty-free access to markets of US, Europe, and
China. This gives them an edge over Indian Yarn and garment exporters who pay comparatively higher

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Russia test of 3D printed aircraft engine

Daily News Update 28th July 2020

Russia test of 3D printed aircraft engine

  • Russia has for the first time conducted a successful flight test of the MGTD-20 gas turbine engine made by 3D printing
  • Its production is scheduled for 2021-2022
  • The flight test were held at Kazanbash aviation center in Tatarstan

Nicaragua signs Solar Alliance agreement

  • Nicaragua has become the latest country to join the international solar Alliance Framework agreement
  • it is an initiative led by India to promote sustainable energy
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US consulate of Chengdu, China closed

Daily News Update 27th July 2020

US consulate of Chengdu, China closed

  • The Chengdu consulate was an important outpost for the US as it covered a large swath of the country including controversial autonomous region of Tibet

US China Tension

  • The ongoing trade war between US and China has strained the tension between US and China


  • US and China are the most powerful economies in the world. In 1984, US became the third largest trading partner of China
  • The issue between US and China increased after China joined World Trade Organisation. And after that China began to violate WTO rules, especially by lowering tariffs to 10% by 2005

IBBI:”Special Insolvency Resolution Frame work for MSME “

  • The government of India also passed IBC (Amendment) Ordinance,2020 to prevent companies form being pushed into insolvency
  • The section 7,9 and 10 of the IBC were suspended
  • The insolvency Bankruptcy Code provides a time process to resolve insolvency

Indian Accounting Standard amended

  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India amended the Indian Accounting Standard related to leasing . The Ind—AS 103,116 and other standard have been amended
  • The Ind—AS 103 is related to business combination. On the other hand, IND—AS 116 standard is related to principle for presentation, recognition and disclosure of leases
  • The amendment are being made in consultation with National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA)
  • NFRA is an independent regulator that acts under companies Act,2013

United Nation world wildlife crime Report: India one of the biggest supplier of tiger body parts

  • According to report Thailand and India are the main source countries for shipment seized in International trade of tiger parts
  • The tiger body parts has great medicinal values. The medicines made of bones of the tiger are used to heal ligament injuries joint and bine fractures
  • China has the highest number of tigers in the world followed by USA,India,and Thailand

India to extend 1 million. USD to North Korea

  • The medical assistance is provided as part of WHO anti-tuberculosis programme

Tuberculosis in India

  • India is committed to the target of eliminating Tuberculosis from the country by 2025
  • This is ahead of WHO which has aim to eradicate WHO from the world completely by 2030
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Daily News Update 25th July 2020

ASTHROS Mission : Football stadium sized balloons of NASA to study Cosmos

  • launched from Antarctica
  • ASTHROS mission will send a football stadium sized ballons into the stratosphere to observe wavelength of invisible light from the earth.  

About the mission

  • The mission will find answers about unsolved puzzles of giant stars and their formation in the milky way galaxy.
  • The mission for the first time will detect and map the presence of two specific types of nitrogen ions .


  • It is Astrophysics stratospheric Telescope for high spectral resolution observation as Sub millimetre wavelengths .


  • ballon misson are of lower cost as compared to space mission. Their planning and deployement is comparatively shorter

French Refinery spills toxic chemicals into Mediterranean Sea

  • an orange brown chemical spread over 6 hectares of nationally recognized marine life area in French Mediterranean Sea
  • It was a leak of iron chloride; which can damage eyes and mucous membrane
  • Mediterranean sea is one of the busiest trade routes in the world. The Suez Canal connects the red and Mediterranean sea . The canal supports 8 % of the world shipping

National Transit pass system

  • launched by ministry of environment
  • an online system for issuing permits for timber, bamboo and other forest produce
  • It will make process of getting faster and without physically going to forest department offices.
  • For now started in Madya Pradesh and Telangana

India’s materal mortality ratio declined to 113 in 2016 -2018: Registrar General Sample Registration System (SRS)

  • The Maternal Mortality Ratio ( MMR) in India has decline to 113 in 2016-18 from 122 in 2015-17 and 130 in 2014-2016
  • The sourthern state registered a lower MMR Andra pradesh, Telegana Karnataka kerela
  • The Punjab has maximum MMR of 129
  • The office of Registrar General, India works under the Ministry of Home ministry .

Point to be noted

  • The target of United Nation (UN) sustainable Development Goals ( SDG) of 3.1 is to reduce the global mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100000 births
  • The maximum proportion of maternal deaths during 2016-18 is 33% in the age group of 20—24

Spring project-India & EU partnered to purify Sewage water in Ganga & Godavari Rivers

  • The project,SPRING ( Strategic Planning for water Resources and Implementation of Noval Biotechnical Treatment solutions and Good practises ) is funded by Indian Minsitry of scienece and technology,Department of biotechnology with the European Union
  • The objective is to develop a low cost advanced bio-oxidation system for polluted water.
  • For the 1st time, Geo spatial analysis will be pperformed to identify the sources of pollution at Ganga near Varanasi using remote sensing method
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Daily News Update 23rd July 2020

1. UNEP and IEA Report: World will need at least 14 billion cooling appliances by 2050

The United Nations Environment Programme and the International Energy Agency released a report on “Cooling Emissions and Policy Synthesis”. The report cited the benefits of cooling efficiency and the Kigali Amendment report.

The report says that by 2050, the world will need at least 14 billion cooling appliances. Currently, there are 3.6 billion appliances in use globally. This will significantly contribute to an increase in temperature.

Why the increase?
The increase in cooling appliance will come due to the demand from the following sectors
Temperature-controlled supply chain
Food Safety
Comfort and Luxury in domestic
Vaccines and medicines supply chain
The report says that the Air Conditioners use Hydrofluorocarbons that emit greenhouse gases. Without correct policy interventions, the emissions from the air conditioning and refrigeration are to increase by 90% as compared to 2017 levels in 2050.
Energy Efficient Air Conditioners can help reduce energy requirements by 1,300 GW. This is equivalent to entire coal fired power generated in India and China in the year 2018.
Kigali Agreement
It is the amendment to the Montreal Protocol. It was signed in 2016 in Kigali. The Montreal Protocol was signed in 1985 to phase out hydrofluorocarbons. As of July 2020, 99 members and the European Union have ratified the agreement.
The recommendations made in the report resonate with Delhi based think tank Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).

2. United Nations General Assembly to go virtual for the first time
The 75th United Nations General Assembly is to be conducted virtually in 2020 for the first time in its history. The 2020 session is to begin on September 15.
What is the plan?
This year, pre recorded statements of world leaders are to be aired. With the meet being arranged virtually, the world is expecting leaders such as Kim Jong Un of North Korea to participate in the meet. Kim has been avoiding the meet traditionally to avoid traveling to the US.
Major events
The main highlights of the 2020 UNGA are as follows
Biodiversity Summit
A high-level meeting to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fourth world conference on women
Climate Week
Every year, world leaders meet at UN headquarters in New York to debate important issues of the planet. The UNGA is the main policy-making body of the United Nations. It was created under Chapter IV of the UN charter. The charter was signed in San Francisco in 1945.

3. WADA suspended India’s dope testing lab

  • India’s National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL) has been suspended for the second period of up to six months.
  • It has been suspended for not conforming to international standards.
  • It had previously been suspended in August 2019 following a WADA site visit, prohibiting it from carrying out anti-doping activities, including all analyses of urine and blood samples.

4. A book by Baldev Singh Sadaknama

  • Sahitya Akademi Award winner, Baldev Singh Sadaknama has authored a book ‘Suraj Kade Marda Nahi.
  • The book portrays many aspects of freedom fighter Udham Singh and is published by Unistarbooks.
  • It has been already released and will be formally launched on July 31, 2020, which is Udham Singh’s 80th death anniversary.
  1. HIL( Hindustan Insecticides Limited) supplied 20.60 MT of DDT to South Africa
    • HIL (India) Limited has supplied 20.60 Metric tonnes of DDT 75 percent WP to South Africa for their Malaria control program.
    • The Department of Health, South Africa will be utilizing DDT in three provinces adjoining Mozambique.
    • The region is highly affected by Malaria and it has reported maximum morbidity due to the disease in recent years.
  2. Government separates “Operation Routes”
    • Ministry of Shipping has separated the operation routes for merchant vessels and fishing vessels in South West Indian waters.
    • Ministry has taken the step keeping in view the safety and efficiency of navigation.
    • The new routes will come into force from 1 August 2020.
    • It will also reduce instances of collision and will provide ease inflow of traffic.
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Daily News Update 22nd July 2020

  1. India successfully conducted flight of the trial anti-guided Dhruvastra

missile at the Interim Test Range of Odisha.


  • The trials of the helicopter launched Nag Missile (HELINA) were successful. The missile has now been renamed as “Dhruvastra”.

About the Missile

  • Helina is a third-generation anti-tank guided missile mounted on Advanced Light Helicopter. The missile system can engage targets in direct hit mode and attack mode. Also, the system has all-weather day and night capability, defeat battle tanks with conventional armor and explosive reactive Armor.
  • It is to be noted that the DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization) has carried out three successful test firings of NAG missiles in the Pokhran firing range. Nag was one of the five strategic missiles Nag that were planned to be developed under Integrated Missile Development Programme that was launched in 1980s. The other missiles included under programme were Agni, Prithvi and Akash.
  1. Kakrapar atomic Power Plant reach its Criticality
  • Atomic Plant of Gujarat to criticality reaching its normal operating condition.


  • The Kakrapar Atomic Plant produces power from indigenously built reactors and is a major step of Government of India in promoting Make in India campaign. The reactor generates 700 MW of power.


  • The Kakrapur Nuclear Power Plant began its commercial nuclear power production in 1993. In 2015, two of its units were shut down due to coolant leaks. Later, In  2018 the power plant reached partial criticality. The leaks were due to corrosion and cracks Nuclear Power in India
  • There are 22 nuclear power reactors in India. Till 1990s, Russia was the major supplier of Uranium to India.
  1. Lewis Hamilton won 8th Hungarian GP
  • Lewis Hamilton won the Hungarian Grand Prix for the eighth time to equal Michael Schumacher’s single-venue record.
  1. India Army get BHARAT drones for accurate surveillance developed by DRDO
  2. Bharat drones has been made in a way that ensures its survival in extreme cold weather temp and have advanced night vision capabilities
  • Space X launches South Korea 1st military satellite ANASIS -II
  • India – Maldives sign agreement to establish “Emergency Medical service”
  • India and US conducts “PASSAGE” Exercise in Indian Oceans
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Daily News Update 21st July 2020

Ministry of Defence signs contract with BEML for procurement of Mine Plough for Tank T-90.

Union HRD Minister launches “Manodarpan” for students.

India Business Council to host 45th India Ideas Summit 2020- The year’s focus is on “Building a Better Future”.

Formal MoU signed between CBDT and MoMSME for the sharing of Data.

India and Israel have signed an agreement to further expand collaboration in dealing with cyber threats amid rapid digitization – it lays down the framework for dialogue, cooperation in capacity building, mutual exchanges of best practices in the field and facilitates regular exchanges.

Mylan launched a generic version of Remdesivir.

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Daily News Update 19th July 2020

Mobile app KURMA helps save turtles in India

will cover 29 species of freshwater turtles and tortoise of India

•will also have information on turtles identification, distribution , vernacular names and threats

Tortoise and freshwater turtles are among the most trafficked in the country

Government mulls Australia entry into Malabar drills

discussion has been started to invite Australia for tri lateral Malabar naval exercise with Japan and         United states.

What is Malabar exercise

is a trilateral naval exercise involving the United states, Japan & India as permanent partners

• originally begun in 1992 as a bilateral exercise b/w India and US; Japan became permanent partner in      2015

Past nonpermanent participant are Australia & Singapore

Include diverse activities ranging from fighters combat operation from aircraft carriers through maritime interdiction operation exercise.

International Alliance to counter China : UK’s Naval ship to be stationed in the Pacific

UK military is to station HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH carrier in the pacific as a part of International Alliance to Counter China .

Interparliamentary alliance on China

• Alliance was launched in June,2020 by 8 democracies They are– US, UK, Japan, Germany,Canada, Australia, Norway & Sweden

• The alliance was formed to counter Chinas growing global ambitions

The countries call China as a big threat to global trade,security & human rights

INDIA attend thirds G20 finance ministers & central Bank Governor meet

FM participate in G20 Finance ministers & central Bank Governor meet

• meet presided by Saudi -Arabia

• India shared global economic outlook amid evolving COVID 19 crisis • discussed two things:: enhancing access to opportunities for women & youth & International taxation agenda

India – US hold ministerial meet on Energy partnership • the main outlook of the meet – participation of India in the multilateral platform ACT

The accelerating CCUS Technology is an international initiative to establish carbon-di-oxide capture utilization & storage. The main aim of the initiative is to accelerate CCUS (carbon capture utilization storage)

• ACT is an interactive initiative to facilitate R&D innovation to facilitate R & D innovation in CCUS technology

around 14 countries from all of over the world are working together In ACT

The zonal master plan of Bhagirathi Eco-sensitive zone approved

The plan is based on a watershed approach. It includes governance in the area of wildlife, forest, irrigation, energy

The zone is located in the upper Himalaya. It is an interdependent fragile GangaHimalaya Basin

How is eco-sensitive zone declared

•The eco-sensitive zone is declared by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & climate change

The Environment protection Act 1986, does not mention the word Eco-sensitive zone. It says that the Central Government can restrict areas where industries operation or process shall not be carried out

The zone is declared species based rarity, endemism, etc. ;

Ecosystem-based, Frontier forest, sacred groves, etc, Geomorphic feature: the origin of the river, uninhabited island, etc

India Russia plan the joint project in Asia & Africa
• meeting on: India Russia relation in the context of post –

Pandemic global order

organized by : Indian Council of World Affairs ( ICWA) & Russian International Affairs Council ( RIAC)

• Asia & Africa have been the priority for both the countries will also help to identify new areas where the countries can begin joint ventures.

India Council of World Affairs established in 1943

• is a member of United Nation Academic Impact

• Vice president is the Ex—officio President of the council

• ministry of external affairs is vice president of this council.


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Daily News Update 17th July 2020

Maternal Mortality Rate in India has declined to 113 in 2016-18 from 122 in 2015-17 and 130 in 2014-2016.
It is the death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy.

Supreme Court has recognized the travails of the disabled in accessing education or employment, regardless of their social status
Delhi high court in 2012 recognized the people suffering from disabilities as socially backward and entitled same benefits as given to the Scheduled Castes/Schedule Tribes.

Pakistan, China sign agreement for “Azad Pattan Hydel Power Project” on Jhelum River under CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

DRDO develops P7 Heavy Drop System for IL 76 aircraft.

India and Israel sign agreement on cybersecurity

  • This agreement involved computer emergency response Team (CERT)
  • The agreement lays down cooperation in capacity building & mutual exchange of best practices in the filed
  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, work from home culture is increasing massively, so the possibilities of cyber threats increases.
  • India ranks 11th in the worldwide cyber attack.

Cochin-shipyard builds autonomous electric ferries for Norway

  • The project was partially funded by the Norwegian government
  • The aim was to provide emission-free transport of good, across Oslofjord inlet in Norway
  • The project will introduce environmental friendly boats also
  • Cochin shipyard is India’s largest shipbuilding

India lifted 271 million people out of poverty

According to India, Voluntary National Review (VNR) of sustainable development goals (SDG) at least 271 million were lifted out of multi-dimensional poverty between 2005-06 and 2016-17

VNR OF SDG has been presented by Niti Aayog at High-Level political forum on sustainable development

The estimate presented were drawn from 2019 global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) released in July 2019

About Multidimensional Poverty Index

Launched by United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and the Oxford Poverty & Human development initiative (OPHI) in 2010

MPI is based on the idea that poverty is not unidimensional (not just depend on income as one individual may lack in several things like education, health, etc.) rather it is multidimensional

Index shows the proportion of poor people & the average number of deprivations each poor person experiences at the same time.

MPI uses three dimensions

Education – years of schooling and child enrollment

Health – child mortality and nutrition

Standard of living – electricity, flooring, drinking water, sanitation cooking fuel and asset

A person is multidimensional poor if he/she is deprived in one third or more of weighted indicators (out of the ten indicators)

Those who are deprived in one half or more of weighted indicators are considered living in extreme multidimensional poverty



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    Daily News Update 16th July 2020

    India and European Union push trade talk
    India and the European Union (European Union) committed to a framework for strategic cooperation until 2025 and vowed to cooperate on their response to the coronavirus pandemic and at the United Nations Security Council. The assurances came as Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen via video conference.

    In a new initiative to revive talks on a free trade agreement that has been suspended since 2013, the two sides announced a “high-level dialogue between Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal and EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan to try and take the Bilateral Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA) forward.

    Fight Against hunger disrupted by the slowdown
    Between 8.3 crore and 13 crore, people globally are likely to go hungry this year due to the economic recessions triggered by COVID-19, warns the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFD 2020 report Estimates drawn from data available till March 2020 show that almost 69 crore people went hungry in 2019 up by 1 crore in 2018. The SOFI report was released on Monday in New York on the sidelines of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development which tracks the progress of nations towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030. It is produced jointly by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Its first edition was brought out in 2017.
    The report underlines that in line with findings in the previous editions, hunger continues to be on the rise since 2014 and the global prevalence of undernourishment, or overall percentage of hungry people, is 8.9% Asia remains home to the greatest number of undernourished 38 crores. (Africa is second 25 crore), followed by Latin America and the Caribbean (4.8 crores). The report highlights that a healthy diet costs more than 143 (or $1.90/ day), which is the international poverty threshold. The number of people globally where can’t afford a healthy diet at 300 crore people, or more than the combined population of China and India.

    India’s Population may peak by 2047
    At the current rate of growth, India’s population is likely to peak by 2047 at about 1.61 billion and then decline to 1.03 billion by 2100. However, were it to meet UN Sustainable Goal Development targets, the peak would be earlier and see a population decline to 929 million.
    India will, however, remain the most populous country. The five largest countries in
    2100 (are projected) to be India, Nigeria, China, the U.S., and Pakistan.



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