Gain an ‘Extra Edge’ over other competitors

Game Changer intends to be the foremost preparatory institute for future leaders in the many branches of the Indian Government. We will achieve this through the pursuit of excellence driven by our strategic purposeful study programme.

Aspirants following our programme will be assisted by world class faculty dedicated to enhancing and strengthening their preparation.

The programme we created has its genesis in the faculty’s deep knowledge of the various areas of the UPSC.
Game Changer has worked out thoroughly what would work best to prepare the students for the challenges of the Prelims and Mains tests.
We are offering the expertise of several decorated, senior retired and serving officials. Their combined reservoir of knowledge will greatly increase and strengthen the preparation of students.
We apply and focus faculty expertise towards the success of our students in the Prelims and Mains exams.
Game Changer provides strategic study direction and guidance that eliminates the deluge of material that typical ‘coaching classes’ usually dump on students.
We actively prepare the students via the policy of breakdown and study of the last 5 years UPSC Prelim papers. The analysis is carried out by a Senior IPS Officer who scored the second highest in the All India Mains written examination.
You will learn to clear the UPSC through focused knowledge acquisition and strategy, rather than merely text book ‘cramming’.
Most importantly, we are going to provide academic counselling and support to aspirants who sign up for this programme via the comments section or via email and Social Media.

We are responsible for your Failure.  Of course, success is yours to claim! If you have the right motivation we share equal responsibility and commitment to you!